A Coincidence Confirming the Meaning of Life

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Last night marked a coincidence I couldn’t help but note, a little personal victory on the eve of my Mom’s birthday, which is today.

I won’t be celebrating her with cake, but I must say it gave me a chill when I realized that there are no more Tamoxifen pills left in my prescription bottle — and no further need for refills, according to my oncologist.

Every night for five years since my breast cancer diagnosis, I’ve reached for that bottle reflexively, without thinking about the deadly disease it is meant to ward off. In swallowing that last pill, I realized that being heedless to the pill’s import was a godsend, for it helped me live my life without fear.

That my joyful moments have far exceeded my fearful ones is testimony to the idea that it’s easier to face challenges while living your life, rather than being preoccupied with preserving it. It’s also evidence that love heals, a blessing to which any cancer survivor will testify.

A cancer survivor for over 30 years before succumbing to it two years ago, my Mother would be so happy for me, and I have a hunch that the coincidence of her birthday and this moment is its proof.

The Bible is right: “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil, for you are with me.” We can face the future without fear knowing we are doing so with the encouragement of others.

God bless and thank you, to all my supporters!

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