Persuasion Training

E2W provides skill-based persuasion training in three formats including interactive group workshops, facilitated retreats, or individual coaching sessions.

Introduction Workshop — E2W’s Six Powers of Persuasion
1. You Are the Message!
2. Find the Common Ground
3. Fight For People, Not Things
4. Use a Fairness and Compassion Frame
5. Connect With Story-telling
6. Use Rhetorical Devices to Pivot to Better Ground

Intensive Persuasion Training Workshop
Our flagship training for small or large groups focuses on intensive skill building. Featuring video examples of good and bad messaging from which to learn, we help you avoid pitfalls while developing and practicing more advanced persuasion skills, strengthening your capacity to meaningfully connect with and influence people.

Customized Private Coaching
E2W offers individualized persuasion training instruction tailored to unique needs, issues, audiences, goals, and circumstances. Whether one-on-one or with your staff and surrogates, we can train you and your team to be more effective and compelling communicators with your target audience.

Persuasive Messaging

Customized persuasive messaging: E2W can develop customized issue-oriented messaging that helps you master even the most complex issues for your website or other written communications -- on any topic or goal, drawing your audience closer to your perspective, and your objective.

Interview/Campaign/Speech Preparation: We can develop your talking points and craft your spoken communications. We can prepare you to be your best most persuasive self while avoiding inartful pitfalls.

E2W Performance Critiques: Send us a video of your communications performance, and we will send you our constructive feedback, including what you did well, and what you can improve upon.


Learn what E2W persuasion training can do for you.

“Engage to Win helped me and my campaign team become more hearable by equipping us to connect with all constituents. In our hyper-partisan era, being able to open both hearts and minds is a real advantage, and a skill worth developing.”
~ Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers, WA-05