Described as “brilliant and insightful" by her audiences, Melanie Sturm is a dynamic keynote speaker and a sought-after persuasion coach. After a successful career in finance, Melanie launched Engage to Win to help people unlock the power of their ideas by finding their best voice and projecting it with credibility in order to effect positive change. Melanie’s presentations convey persuasion pearls and practical actions, informing and inspiring others to become compelling communicators and influential change agents.
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“Engaging to win is not about winning debates or talking points or even elections. It’s about engaging in meaningful conversations with people, earning their trust in order to lead them to the common ground we instinctively share, moving us forward as a unified people while elevating the national discourse."
~ Melanie Sturm

Melanie’s Persuasion Pearls

The ability to influence others is not a gift of a chosen few but a powerful skill that can be learned, practiced, and coached, helping in all areas of life. Whether trying to change minds, an organization, or even the world, the art of persuasion has never been so important. Presenting her Six Powers of Persuasion in a high-energy, interactive fashion, Melanie shares insightful concepts and relevant case studies, helping you:
  • Earn trust, likability, and credibility in order to influence
  • Become more confident, even in difficult conversations
  • Reach beyond the choir with appeals that resonate for everyone
  • Find and inhabit areas of agreement
  • Tell stories to make a connection, opening hearts and minds
  • Pivot away from controversy to common ground
  • Have more meaningful conversations and relationships

How to Persuade Videos

Trust video clip: Trust is the foundation of credibility and influence, inspiring followers.
Telling a story video clip: Melanie shares her story about how she became a mentor in the art of persuasion, demonstrating why stories are compelling tools to convey ideas.
C-SPAN video clip: Melanie shares her keys to persuasion learned from writing her Think Again…you might change your mind commentary.

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